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Privacy Screen filter  


Product description:

The product is in a sandwich structure.

1. Middle part: Grating PET film. Core  

    of  this product. 200m/m thickness


2.Top of grating PET: Layer of

   hard-coating   PET. 0.05m/m thickness.


3.The other side of grating PET: A layer

   of  Silicone adhesive,0.020~0.030mm in

   thickness, and a layer of PET liner,

   0.05m/m in thickness.



1.Excellent air-exhaust capability, to

   minimize the formation of bubbles in



2.No residual on screen after removal.


3.Special grating technology to provide

   excellent on screen privacy.


 Product function:

1.Protect monitor screen, cell phone

   display, digital camera viewer, flat

   screen  CRT monitors and LCD panels

   from  scratches.


2.Suitable for pen computing and touch

   screen applications.


3.Keep on screen data private.